Enhance Your Prospect Database.
We average a 35% increase in additional untapped prospects for our clients. We clean up your existing database with up-to-date contact information to gain maximum results. We also pull new lists of your targeted prospects to add the right decision makers to your database.

Powerful Deployment. Higher Delivery Rates.
Our SmartSender delivery platform has been proven 3-5 times more effective at delivering B2B eCampaigns without getting caught in spam filters. With our powerful deployment, our clients average a time and cost reduction of 40% in reaching high value prospects.

Complete Tracking with Real-Time Leads.
We can notifiy you within 10 seconds when prospects click-through to your site. Our user-friendly dashboard allows you to track interested leads and includes their FULL contact information, including their email address, for easier follow-up and closing.

LeadFunnel is staffed by business-to-business direct marketing experts with decades of experience who understand the importance of brand integrity and marketing integration. We will work with your team to create a winning auxiliary plan to boost sales that fits like a glove within your overall marketing plan.

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